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VBRI Innovation Pvt. Ltd. is a part of a multinational VBRI group based out of Sweden, incorporated in 2016. The company has a global presence including USA, Singapore, Australia, China and UK involved in the consultancy and services for the technology and innovations with a key focus on technology solutions, translational research, IT services, education and industrial training. The company aims to bring people together for learning, innovating and ideating new age technology and innovations for the smart healthcare, industrial R&D to agriculture, energy and environment. VBRI is connected with a world-wide network of long-standing experienced researchers and technocrats. It has a cross-disciplinary team of highly qualified professionals to support various projects in the research & innovations, IT solutions, technology transfer, digital marketing and industrial consultancy.


VBRI Innovation drives towards innovation to applications and development to implementations through the latest technology. Also to cater each sector where innovation and technology requires the most. We are aiming young mind to a great extent. This provides learning, educational scope, industrial training for those who require to enhance relevant skills. The principal objective is to invent technology for the advancement of human life in order to accomplish and support national campaign “Make in India” with the primary goal of “connect people, process, and information to innovate and implement ideas”.



Develop cost-effective, user-friendly and adaptive technology to solve the complex industrial issues in the various sectors including agriculture, energy and environment.



VBRI is a technology based research organization, involved in the modification and upgradation of modern technology to achieve the objectives attached to society.



VBRI provides services in Translational Research, Artificial Intelligence, New Age Technology, and innovations for health, energy, education, agriculture and security sector. The company has also excelled at servicing various industry verticals with software and IT tools.



VBRI is facilitating an international education and training platform for researcher, scholars, and students for interdisciplinary research, innovation programs, and business expansion.



VBRI connects with a world-wide network of long-standing experienced researchers and technocrats for creating incredible development tools to mankind with New Age Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Transformational Research. The company provides global networking to scholars and researches under the entire genre related to education, innovation, learning, R&D and social welfare.



With the ideology of “committed to excellence”, VBRI has the principal objectives of providing various industrial training programs in the area of advanced materials, healthcare, energy, technology, agriculture and environment.

Smart Healthcare

VBRI paves the way to provide mass healthcare at home with the combination of Internet of thing (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and nanotechnology. Company is working with their motto of “committed to excellence” to provide higher quality healthcare to millions of patients for living their longer lives and with the dedication of serving to the common people of India to provide them accurate treatment with a minimal charge.



Company provides solutions for online presence and growth of individuals and business.


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