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  • VBRI Innovation Private Limited is a part of a multinational VBRI group based out of Sweden, incorporated in the year 2016 in India. The VBRI group has a global presence in - Sweden, Singapore, Dubai & China involved in publication, digital media, and event management.
  • The company aims to cater global consultancy & services in the area of Translational Research and New Age Technology & Innovations for the smarter healthcare, education, Industrial R&D, agriculture, energy & environment.
  • VBRI is connected with a network of long-standing experienced Researchers and Technocrats. It has a cross-disciplinary team of highly qualified IT professionals. VBRI Innovation will support various projects – IT Solutions, Technology Transfer, IPR, Digital Education, Industrial Consultancy and many more.
  • VBRI Innovation acts as a supporting hand for company’s global presence (Sweden, Singapore, Dubai & China) in the field of publication, digital media, and event management.


VBRI Innovation’s Drive is towards innovation of applications, development, and implementation through the latest technology. Also to cater each sector where innovation and technology require the most. We are aiming youth to a great extent. Hence, we provide educational scope for students and also industrial Training for those who require to enhance relevant skills. The principal objective is to create technology and cater it for the advancement of human life in order to accomplish and support National Campaign “Make In India.” The aim is to connect people, process, and information to innovate and implement ideas.

Technology Solution

Purpose is to serve the latest technology in order to solve complex industrial issues across the world. Cost-effective, user-friendly and adaptive technology is needed everywhere. Our technology solutions are basically designed to address the best solutions one can have with the help of latest technology.

Translational Research

VBRI is a technology-based research organization, involved in modification and upgradation of modern technology to achieve the objectives attached to it. Health, agriculture, and information technology are the core area of the organization. The approach here is scientifically driven in a systematic way. Research data evaluated regularly for the knowledge of socioeconomic parameters.

Innovation and commercialization

innovation essentially stands for “different things to different people” and commercialization is transforming ideas/knowledge into a better wealth for the society. With the same ideology VBRI aims to provide a better solution to the industry in the field of health, agriculture, and technology. Its emphasis on innovative ideas and technology that can be redirected towards the benefit of society.

Education and Training

Quality performance is the requirement of any organization. In current scenario complexity of jobs increases the need for right training by manifold. Education and training should go hand-in-hand. Therefore, VBRI serves both platforms with immense opportunity by providing multiple of a training program and opportunity for research students.

Global Consultancy

VBRI provides global consultancy and services in the field of artificial intelligence, translational research, new age technology. It has a vast network of scientists and researchers globally connected with IAAM and provides solutions and ideas. Global outreach publications, digital media, events management, IT innovations and education are our expertise.

Industrial Training

It refers to the experience which requires professional development. There is a lack of potential industrial training centers and demand is immense. Therefore, VBRI Innovation functions with the objective of providing vocational training to the youth with its best collaboration in the industry. Research and Development, Skill Training, Innovation and IPR, Business Advisers and Markets are the key areas. The fundamental purpose is to prepare youth for future employment in their respective area of knowledge and skill.


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Digital Marketing

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